About Karen Robb

Caanadian Artist Karen Robb 

"For me it is the beginning of a story I want to tell. The emotions and spontaneity that connects me to my subject are raw and always in real time. There is something that feels like a gift every time I hear the shutter click."

Karen Robb is a Canadian visual artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied at the University of Manitoba School of Fine Arts with an emphasis on figurative work. 

Karen has been part of many group and solo shows both in North America and abroad. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Miami, Beijing, the Hamptons, and her Canadian home Galleries. She has curated many shows including the Girls Girls Girls shows in Winnipeg, Canada. She is currently sharing her time between her own works and as co-curator at the Hub Gallery.

"I am not particularly comfortable with labels. Some might describe me as a Contemporary Expressionist. I see myself simply as an artist whose influences span many different styles of art: the Abstract, Modern, Fauvist, Postmodern, Expressionist and Pop Art movements."

Artist Karen Robb


Robb’s love of nature, the beauty in simple objects, architecture, and personal stories have been the influences that have driven her creativity. Her hope is that her art takes people on an unexpected journey, where one can look at everyday situations in an unexpected way; where perceived space is filled with shapes, color and interest.

"I find myself exploring the interplay between shape, line, form and space. My imagination follows the path that my brush takes me on until I finally discover where a piece is taking me. When the dance between these elements converge to complete the final image, the end result often surprises me."

As she works to share insights about the world around her, she wishes to spark the imaginations of the viewers and take them on their own personal journeys.

“This is always a fascinating and rewarding process."


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